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Heartfelt Thanks • It is with heartfelt thanks that I want to tell you what a pleasure it is to now be acquainted with your Family Health Center. The atmosphere there is that of an extended family where the patient is treated as a friend and not just as a case. You and your staff are really great. Thanks very much – and my wounds from the nasty fall in Sidney are healing well! Please give my best regards to Ms. Salazar. I had not been aware of your Health Center’s mission until I read the article in last Wednesday’s Sounder about it. So I am enclosing a small donation here. What a wonderful job you do as a country doctor! With best wishes,
Thank You,
Ursula Erdmann, PhD
Never Been Happier • Your site is awesome…totally; user friendly, very positive and informative. the service, kindness, patience, expertise, integrity and relaxed, professional attitude is so refreshing. I have never been happier with a group of doctors ( and I and my daughter have seen lots of doctors) or with a support staff that always makes me feel special…..Thank you for all you do to serve people…. I highly recommend you to everyone I meet.,
Patricia Frances
WORLD CLASS EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE • I recently had a serious cardiac event while staying on Orcas Island. I developed severe chest pain, sweating, nausea, etc. I called Dr. Dave Shinstrom, M.D., who told me to meet him at his office in 10 minutes. He did a EKG, looked me over and called 911. Within minutes his office was teeming with EMT’s, who were all very calm and very professional. ….In almost no time at all, I was having my very first helicopter ride. We got to St. Joseph’s hospital in about eight minutes. I got to St.Joe’s a hell of a lot faster (from Orcas) than I would have in Portland, the “Big City.” By ambulance it would have taken at least 20 minutes to get me to St.Vincent’s, the nearest hospital. ….While I was mostly in a lot of pain and was terrified, another part of me, probably from my medical training, was sort of standing apart and observing all this thinking “Wow”these guys are really world class!” So I am writing this to let the citizens of Orcas know, if they don’t already, that they should be very proud of what they have here, and that they should feel comforted that such top quality medical professionals are available of this Island. Dr. Shinstrom: Thank You! Val and Chris and the other fine EMT’s who helped me: ,
Thank you! 
Eric Goranson, M.D.
Eastsound and Portland, Oregon
Great Experience • Dear Dr, Shinstrom, My son Micah Lefon had such a great experience working in your clinic alongside your resident…Thank you so much Dr. David Shinstrom for being our wonderful family Doc here on Orcas Is. You are a shining light in medical practice. You are truly what a medical doctor is supposed to be – that is- to heal, to give comfort, to help teach!Thank you from Micah and thank you from his mom for opening your clinic to students and residents.,
With Great Respect and Appreciation.
Micah and Mom Shana Floyd.
Thank You • It was a pleasure to meet you and your friendly and competent staff. the new medical certificate is working fine.,
Thank You,
Don Craddock
Prompt Service • Thank You for your prompt service and friendly staff !!
A Letter to the President of the OFHC Board of Directors
Dear Mr Speck

I am writing in regards to the incredible help and services provided to my
son by the Orcas Family Heath Center.
My son is twenty eight years old and I am his Mom, big fan, and an advocate for him. We enrolled him in Apple Care insurance but realized it did not cover the surgeon he needs to see at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle.
This surgeon has already performed two surgeries on his back for his herniated disk. I talked to Dixie at the center and she helped me find Molina Care, a better choice for him. Dixie and the other staff helped with
all the leg work, paperwork and phone calls. Dr Shinstrom spent time trying to get an MRI approved, calling three times in one day to get an answer.
When Molina care would not cover medicine Dr Shinstrom prescribed, I was undergoing treatment in Seattle for radiation damage and could not call around to figure it out. When I returned, Dixie had taken care of the extra
layer of approval the insurance company needed, and I was so relieved!
Thank you so much for helping us navigate the health care system and getting the best health care for my son. Now he has Dr Shinstrom as his Primary Care Physician, and Virginia Mason Hospital, rated in the top ten for hospitals nationwide.

Elizabeth Hanks


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