Hand Washing 101
One of the things that you didn’t learn in kindergarten and, in all probability, didn’t learn from your Mom either is how to effectively wash your hands! That may sound silly to you but, in truth, the best defense against bacteria, even the dreaded super-bugs like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile (C.diff), is to keep your hands scrupulously clean. This is how you should do it:Use warm water, not hot water and not cold water because hot water is hard on the hands and cold water will inhibit the sudsing of soap. Next, you do not have to use expensive antibacterial soaps to try to kill the germs but you do need to work up a substantial lather of soap suds to dislodge the bacteria and suspend them in the suds. While lathering your hands be sure to soap every millimeter of skin, including the thumbs, between the fingers, the backs of the hands and the undersides of the fingernails. Use a nail brush to be even more effective. Now rinse your hands thoroughly with warm water to remove every last trace of soap suds (and germs). Now that you have done such a great job, do not negate you efforts by grabbing the faucet tap (loaded with germs) or a door knob (especially in a public restroom). Instead use a paper towel to shut off the water and to open the door. That will go a long way in preserving the cleanliness of your hands. Last of all – teach a child how to wash his or her hands!


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