Vaping Dangers

Vaping is a relatively new fad that involves using a portable heating device such as an e-cigarette to vaporize various chemicals, then inhaling the vapor into the lungs. Like the centuries old “Black Lung” disease and all previous smoking methods (cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc.), putting anything other than air in your lungs is dangerous. The current trend is for added flavors or specific chemical effects such as that found in marijuana. And like previous inhalation trends, people are now dying from it.

The current thinking is that the lack of purity of many vaping products is to blame. Little to no regulation has allowed manufacturers to market products with no testing for long term health effects or even just a  list of the ingredients. Bans are in effect for the sale of these products in many states, including Washington.

For information from the Washington State Department of Health and the current activities to combat this health crisis visit:

For information on the Vaping Crisis from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) visit:

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