OFHC Patient Visit Statistics

Here is a review of our annual patient services based on our fiscal year (Oct, 1 through Sept. 30), prepared for Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reporting, evaluation of meeting our mission statement, analyzing our insurance payer mix, and estimating our patient panel.

Fiscal year ending: Unique individuals served # of patient visits
9/2019 2,103 6,997
9/2018 2,100 7,466
9/2017 2, 137 7,598

Our patient panel is estimated using the previous three year period.  For the “panel” there were: 3,977 unique individuals served. Of those served, 2,803 had Orcas Island addresses.

For FYE 2019 the Payer Mix was; Medicare 22%, Medicaid 22%, other insurance 52%, no insurance 3%.

The Annual Cost Report is submitted to Medicare as a Rural Health Center (RHC) requirement and determines the payment amount the RHC receives for each face to face encounter with a Medicare patient. It excludes expenses for advertising, paid time off, and other non-reimbursed costs.

Medicare paid $64 per visit and Medicaid paid $23-$38 for average office visits. This means that $41 to $82 of the cost it takes to see 50% of our patients is immediately lost. This is why we fund-raise throughout the year and accept tax deductible donations to help recuperate some of this cost. Currently, some staff work at a greatly reduced salary to help.

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