Available Services

Preventive Medicine
• Well adult and child exams
• Immunizations
• Advanced Cervical Sampling Method that tests for HPV, STD’s and cervical cancer.
• Physical exams for school, sports, camp, employment, travel, commercial drivers.
• FAA Airman Certification Exams.
• Vision and hearing screening
• Drug Screening

Obstetric and Gynecologic Medicine
• HPV, STD and cervical cancer screening utilizing Advanced Cervical Sampling methodology.
• Cervical Colposcopy
• Well woman PAP and breast exams.
• Pregnancy tests, evaluation and consultation
• Full range family planning and birth control
• Endometrial biopsy

• Vasectomies
• Surgical procedures including removal of lesions, cysts and lypomas.

Emergency Medicine
• Fracture Care
• Laceration Repair
• Evaluation and treatment of injuries and sudden illnesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Splint and Cast Application
• X-ray machine and digitizer

Adult Medicine
• Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses
• Evaluation and treatment of conditions associated with aging
• Electrocardiograms
• Respiratory treatment including oxygen, nebulizers, oximetry
• Cast and splint application and removal
• X-ray machine and digitizer and Ultrasound

Laboratory Services
• Onsite testing includes INR for coumadin management.
• Strep, pregnancy, hemoglobin and urine tests
• Onsite blood draws for lab tests

Pediatric Medicine
• Well Child Examinations
• Assessment of Pediatric Development including Growth and Behavior
• Treatment of Acute and Chronic illnesses
• Newborn care and circumcision
• Splint and Cast application and removal

Mental Health & Wellbeing
• Consultation and treatment relating to Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Problems and Substance Abuse
• Pain management

• These cardiovascular specialists offer their services monthly at OFHC. North Cascade Cardiology is a separate full service cardiology and vascular practice providing expertise in invasive and non-invasive cardiology, interventional cardiology, vascular medicine, vascular interventions and electrophysiology. To make an appointment please call 1.888.739.2700 and specify that you want to have your appointment at Orcas Family Health Center.