Available Services

Preventive Medicine
• Well adult and child exams
• Adult Immunizations
• Advanced Cervical Sampling Method that tests for HPV, STD’s and cervical cancer.
• Physical exams for school, sports, camp, employment, travel, commercial drivers.
• FAA Airman Certification Exams
• CDL Driver Exams
• Vision and hearing screening
• Drug Screening

Obstetric and Gynecologic Medicine
• HPV, STD and cervical cancer screening utilizing Advanced Cervical Sampling methodology.
• Well woman PAP and breast exams.
• Pregnancy tests, evaluation and consultation
• Full range family planning and birth control
• Endometrial biopsy

• Surgical procedures including removal of lesions, cysts and lypomas.

Emergency Medicine
• Fracture Care
• Laceration Repair
• Evaluation and treatment of injuries and sudden illnesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Splint and Cast Application
• X-ray machine and digitizer
Adult Medicine
• Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses
• Evaluation and treatment of conditions associated with aging
• Electrocardiograms
• Respiratory treatment including oxygen, nebulizers, oximetry
• Cast and splint application and removal
• X-ray machine and digitizer

Laboratory Services
• Onsite testing includes INR for coumadin management.
• Strep, pregnancy, hemoglobin and urine tests
• Onsite blood draws for lab tests

Pediatric Medicine
• Well Child Examinations
• Assessment of Pediatric Development including Growth and Behavior
• Treatment of Acute and Chronic illnesses
• Newborn care
• Splint and Cast application and removal

Children's Exam Room

Children’s Exam Room

Mental Health & Well-being
• Consultation and treatment relating to Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Problems and Substance Abuse
• Pain management
• These cardiovascular specialists offer their services every other month at OFHC. PeaceHealth Medical Group Cardiology is a separate full service cardiology and vascular practice providing expertise in invasive and non-invasive cardiology, interventional cardiology, vascular medicine, vascular interventions and electrophysiology. To make an appointment please call 1-888-739-2700 and specify that you want to have your appointment at Orcas Family Health Center.

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