NORTH CASCADE CARDIOLOGY • Cardiovascular Specialists from North Cascade Cardiology are now offering monthly services on Orcas Island at Orcas Family Health Center, Suite B102, 1286 Mt. Baker Road.

North Cascade Cardiology is a separate medical practice brought here through the initiative of Dr.Shinstrom. This Cardiology practice is 100% available to all patients regardless of which of the three current on-island medical practices they presently use.

North Cascade Cardiology is a full service cardiology and vascular practice providing expertise in invasive and non-invasive cardiology, interventional cardiology, vascular medicine, vascular interventions and electrophysiology.

To schedule an appointment please call 1.888.739.2700 •

OFHC PURCHSES COLPOSCOPE • In an effort to expand services to patients, OFHC has purchased a colposcope. This machine has enhanced, lighted magnification to evaluate women with abnormal pap sears. the colposcope allows for a better view of the tissues that may be the cause of the abnormality.

“In the past we have had to refer our patients off-island for this procedure; it will be a tremendous benefit to be able to save them the trip,” notes OFHC medical director Dr. David Shinstrom. “I learned colposcopy several years ago and actually trained family medicine residents how to perform the procedure. There is a colposcope at the Orcas Island Medical Center that was purchased by the Orcas Island Medical Guild but other medical practices are not allowed to use it. Ours may be used by any medical practitioner on Orcas who is trained in it’s use.”Both Doctors Jessie Papac and Robyn Nordstrom-Lane will be working at OFHC throughout the summer and are both experienced colposcopists.

This instrument can also double as a dermatoscope to view abnormal skin lesions. “The optics and magnification with this scope are excellent and will allow close up views of abnormal skin lesions.,” comments Shinstrom. “This is a classic case of a two for one benefit.”

The colposcope was purchased using donated funds. “Our next goal is to purchase an x-ray machine” notes Shinstrom. “We are very close to that goal.” •

Assisting The Island Community • During the past calendar year (2007) the Financial Assistance Policy in efffect at the Orcas Family Health Center has waived $55,000.00 in medical bills that qualified for Sliding Scale Fees or Discounted Fees.Thus far as of June 2008, OFHC has waived an additional $8228.90. This assistance commitment to our community is funded from your donations, grants, and our Operating Budget. If you want to help with this committment, Orcas Family Health Center would welcome your financial assistance, regardless of the amount. Please be assured that such assistance will be put to good use in our on-going effort to improve the overall health of Islanders in need. Remember, since OFHC is a charitable non-profit corporation, your financial contribution is fully tax deductible. Our Tax Identification Number is 20-1484437. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us. •

Dr. Shinstrom Reappointed to UW Faculty • For the fourteenth consecuitive year, the University of Washington School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine has reviewed his credentials and reappointed Orcas Family Health Center (OFHC) physician David Shinstrom as Clinical Instructor. The reappointment commented “we simply could not meet our missions in education, research and clinical service without your generosity and commitment.” Shortly after arriving on Orcas in 1993, Shinstrom contacted the University to become a part of the training for medical students and family medicine residents. Since then dozens of aspiring physicians have spent a 3-4 week rotation experiencing the unique rural medical practice characteristic of Orcas.

“It really is an eye opening time for them,” notes Shinstrom. “They are accustomed to having easy access to emergency services and sophisticated testing equipment available in the big city and must readjust to a new reality. Practicing medicine on Orcas, with so little in the way of testing, makes them rely on the patient encounter as the primary source of information.”The reviews of the experience here are extremely positive. One student noted, “Dr. Shinstrom is an excellent teacher. He made every patient I saw an interesting teaching case.” Another noted”my experience on Orcas island was excellent overall.”

:I very much appreciate the willingness of our patients to be seen and evaluated by these students and residents,” commented Shinstrom. “Having established these relationships with so many physicians in training has a side benefit of helping recruit for a physician to join our practice.” This upcoming summer four of the trainees who have now graduated will be coming to Orcas for varying periods of time to assist in patient care.”Our summertime volume often is 30% greater than other times of the year, so I appreciate being able to handle the increase with these highly qualified physicians. It is hoped one of them may decide to remain.”

OFHC is a 501(c)(3) Federal Rural Health Center with a mission of treating all patients regardless of ability to pay. Board president Ken Speck comments, “the board is extremely proud of David and what he has done with our medical practice. all of Orcas benefits from this relationship we have with the University of Washington.” •

WELL-CHILD CLINICS • OFHC has received a 2008 grant from United Way to continue our Free Well Child Program.

Well Child Clinics are opportunities for parents to have access to routine physicals and immunizations for their children.

Not only is this an opportunity to receive quality care; it is also an opportunity for OFHC to establish relationships with families needing on-going care. By removing financial barriers, it is our hope that, through word of mouth, we will reach even more families in 2008 than we did in 2007.

Families who participate in this program can be offered other assistance such as help in applying for state or subsidized health insurance and being directed to other programs in our community that can help with food, clothing, and continuity of care. •

OFHC Hosts Medical Students and Residents • Do you know that Orcas Family Health Center hosts third year Medical Students and third year Family Medicine Residents? Our third year Students are from the University of Washington, School of Medicine. Our third year Residents are Doctors from Swedish Hospital, Department of Family Medicine. The UW Students are required to do a six week rural rotation so they spend three weeks here with Dr. Shinstrom who feels strongly that giving hands-on training in rural family medicine is very important. Accordingly, we encourage both Students and Residents to experience the best that rural medicine has to offer right here at OFHC, a Certified Rural Health Clinic. •