HIPAA Compliant E-Mail

Orcas Family Health Center is now able to communicate with our patients utilizing a HIPAA compliant, secure e-mail service provided by

To utilize this service, you must first create an account at the Sendinc site: http://www.sendinc.com/about

There is no charge for creating and using a basic Sendinc account.

On Sendinc’s home page select “Log In” and enter your email address. If this is your first time you will see a window to create a new account. Click “continue”. An activation code will immediately be sent to the address you entered. Fill in the new account form and enter the activation code you just received. You will be returned to the message screen where you can enter your secure message. You will need to manually type in the recipient’s address the first time you send them a message. After your message is sent the recipient is automatically added to your “Sendinc Account Address Book” and can be selected from the list for future secure messages.

If you wish to send a question to Orcas Family Health Center use one of the following email addresses after you have logged into the Sendinc site. Expect a response within three business days. If you have a matter that needs to be addressed sooner, or need to schedule an appointment, please call the office directly at (360) 376-7778. If you need a medication refill, contact your pharmacy directly.

For billing questions send your message to Dixie at: dixiem@orcasfamilyhealthcenter.org

For other administrative questions send your message to Aaimee at: ajohnson@orcasfamilyhealthcenter.org

For clinical questions for Phoebe Hershenow, ARNP send your message to: phershenow@orcasfamilyhealthcenter.org

For clinical questions for David Shinstrom, MD send your message to: dshinstrom@orcasfamilyhealthcenter.org

In general questions for the clinical staff are billable to the patient and/or their insurance. At this time we are new to this service and are trying to decide about payment either on an annual subscription basis (say around $50) or a per e-mail charge (perhaps $10). Your input would be welcome. For now, there will be no charge for our responding to e-mail but this is likely to change as we get more familiar with the process.