OFHC Location

To reach OFHC Call (360) 376 – 7778.

Orcas Family Health Center is located in Eastsound, WA just west of the airport in the Airport Center, Suite B102.

Click Google Maps for detailed directions.

GPS Information:

If you vehicle is equipped with a GPS unit you may choose from the below listed coordinates whichever method you are most comfortable with; or whichever coordinates methodology is most appropriate for you particular GPS unit. Accuracy for all methods is plus or minus 10 feet to the parking location in front of Orcas Family Health Center.

1. Expressed in degrees, minutes, seconds, and a decimal fraction of a second.
N 48 degrees 42 minutes 12.9 seconds
W 122 degrees 54 minutes 42.4 seconds

2. Expressed in degrees, minutes and a decimal fraction of a minute.
N 48 degrees 42.215 minutes
W 122 degrees 54.707 minutes

3. Expressed in degrees and a decimal fraction of a degree
N 48.70358 degrees
W 122.91179 degrees